Guojing and ‘The Only Child’ at The International Literature Festival Berlin, Germany.

I love the city. It’s full of wonderful art surprises. In the 16th International Literature Festival Berlin, I shared my book with the lovely audience in 4 events: 3 book sharing events and 1 illustration class.

The festival organisers were fantastic to work with and arranged very special and beautiful book sharing events. In the picture below you can see the live piano performance of the amazingly talented Stephan v. Bothmer. It was like we were enjoying a silent film.

It was interesting for me to see, from those events, that some of the students also want to be artists. One child even started drawing a book character from the event and he drew it so well. It’s so pleasing to inspire younger people. This is the most valuable thing from my book sharing events.

I also received a special gift from one adorable child—three nuts. (I’m not sure what kind of fruit it is, but he told me it’s in the nut family!)

On the last day in Berlin, after I did an interview with “tell Magazin fur Literature” I travelled back home to Singapore.

This was my first Berlin trip and I’m so glad it was for the 16th International Literature Festival Berlin. I hope to visit again in the future.

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